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How to Effectively Search PDF Files

As known, File Search Assistant (FSA) offers a variety of additional search features, i.e. filters that deliver precise search results. Thus, it is recommended to use information of size, date and type of missing files, as well as specify possible locations of lost documents. FSA uses this information to make search procedure faster and more convenient for users, even those without experience in operating various applications.

Search PDF files with File Search Assistant

Very often, users look for Adobe pdf documents which are popular all over the world. Perhaps, it is impossible to find a computer without Adobe PDF reader installed. This extension is widely used for a variety of business and educational documents. The majority of product descriptions and pricelists, business offers and reports are created as pdf documents. No wonder that pdf docs are among commonly missing files. Luckily, File Search Assistant can easily solve the problem of missing pdf docs. This is a short review of FSA features to search pdf documents.

  • In case a user is aware of approximate size of missing pdf files it is recommended to apply search by size. In fact, the majority of simple pdf docs are all under 5-10MB. As a result, FSA may look for files of exact size or in certain size range.
  • It goes without saying that if a user needs to find Adobe pdf file, customized search is highly recommended. FSA will ignore files having other extensions. As known, certain documents may contain the same search word. Thus, instead of getting a dozen of docs in search results list, FSA will offer only docs with pdf extension.
  • Search pdf by date. Often, users remember when they last accessed documents or when missing docs where created. This information is rather helpful for File Search Assistant. In such a way, search results will be narrowed down. For instance, it is easy to look for recently opened files. Moreover, FSA users can even specify time periods.
  • Conversion of pdf and review of search results. File Search Assistant has a range of built-in converters which make it possible to preview search result right in software interface. Users should make sure pdf converter is on (Text filters tab). It is convenient to be able to preview search results, especially if many pdf files contain target search words. There is no need to open all the files. The preview pane in the bottom solves this problem.
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